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Stephanie Mc Mahon & The Undertaker - RAW 4/26/99This "Unholy Ceremony" took place during the height of the Vince Mc Mahon vs. Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie and was forcing her into this dark marriage to please the higher power.The ceremony was presided over by Paul Bearer while Stephanie was in a black dress and attached to Undertaker's sacrificial symbol.Paul Levesque), is one of WWE's longest tenured performers.He is a nine-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and has been part of some of the biggest angles and matches in the company's history.If you want to marry that someone special, the marriage might last longer if your partner is conscious for the wedding.Forcing your partner to marry you by either kidnapping or blackmailing them does not seem to provide a long and healthy marriage.There are many things that fans have learned over the years thanks to these ceremonies.If you don't know what to buy the couple, a cobra might be a bad idea.

The minister then took his mask off to reveal he was really RAW GM Eric Bischoff.

Currently, he is the on-screen Chief Operating Officer.

In real life, he works in the backstage area of the business, as Executive Vice President of Talent Development and Relations, as well as a "Senior Advisor" to Vince Mc Mahon, and his position as Development EVP means that the developmental show WWE NXT is a major focus of his.

He gave his father-in-law the pedigree and then let Stephanie know that it was over between them. 9/12/02This commitment ceremony got mainstream publicity because it involved two men.

The marriage ceremony was performed by a rickety old man.

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